Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Beetle Bikes made in India?

Yes. All Beetle Bikes are completely made in India. We take great pride in delivering such high quality products with a Made in India tag.

2. How can I be sure of the size of the bike for my child

You can refer to the size chart on our website. All Beetle bikes are designed to adapt to the growing needs of a child and come with adjustable saddle height.

While a lot of parents tend to buy a bike that is slightly larger for their child(to accommodate for their increasing height), it is important to remember that a cycle that is too large will only bring discomfort to the child – and may even make them dislike cycling as an activity. Always ensure that you pick the right sized cycle for your child.

3. How do I get the cycle assembled?

Assembling a new cycle can be an exciting parent-child project! To make it easier, we have uploaded assembly instructions on our YouTube channel(https://bit.ly/36nalPp). You can refer to these easy step by step instructions to assemble the bike yourself. If you do not find your Beetle Bike model in the videos, just refer to another model. Most bikes have similar parts and assembly is quite similar for most of the models.

The box also comes with a detailed instructions booklet, and coupled with the YouTube video, you should be able to do it yourself.

However, do ensure you have checked all safety instructions before handing over the bike to the child!

While cycle assembly is not very difficult, and can be done on your own, if you are not comfortable with the instructions, we recommend that you get a professional’s help.

You can visit a local bike shop to get the cycle assembled, or you can seek help from our service partners on online channels(Amazon/Flipkart).

4. How do I claim warranty

Beetle Bikes are made with great care and every bike goes through more than 50 quality checks before it is shipped out to our customers. This

However, in the rare instance of a defective product, just reach out to us on support@beetlebikes.in and we will start the process of evaluation.

NOTE: It is important to register your bike on BeetleBikes.in to ensure that the Warranty Process is seamless.

5. Where can I find the chassis number of the bike

To locate the chassis number, put the bike in upside-down position. You can now see the chassis number on the under side of the bottom bracket. It is between the two pedals when turned upside down.

Every Beetle Bike comes with a unique chassis number, except for Toddler Bikes.

For more questions, do reach out to us on support@BeetleBikes.in