Warranty Terms

Congratulations on purchasing a Beetle Bike.

Beetle Bikes are made with care and we subject Beetle Bikes to more than 50 quality tests to ensure that the bike you receive adheres to our high standards of quality. However, in the rare instance of a defective unit, your Beetle Bike is covered under warranty. The terms of warranty are covered in simple language(without technical jargon) here.


Ensure that you have registered the bike on BeetleBikes.in as soon as you receive the bike. Registering the bike is an important and crucial step to ensure a seamless process for claiming warranty. Registering the bike is entirely the customer’s responsibility.

What is not covered:

  • Any damage occurring due involvement of the cycle in an accident
  • Any damage occurring due to improper/unintended use of the bike like in stunts, extreme conditions etc.
  • Normal wear and tear occurring due to usage of the bike – like brakes, tyres, tubes, bearings etc.
  • A punctured tube, regardless of the age of the bike, will not be covered under warranty.

What is covered:

  • Any damage/failure of the frame occurring upto a period of 18 months from date of sale of the bike
  • Any failure of welding joints or any other fixed joints in the cycle
  • Any mis-aligned or bent or broken parts in the cycle

In case of a defective part/unit, the part/unit shall be replaced by Beetle Bikes at no cost to the customer.